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Mission Update - Thursday - January 28, 2010

Monday, October 04, 2010 View Comments Comments (0)

We arrived in Santo Domingo yesterday, with thirteen team members and 44 bags.  The flight was smooth, and we were helped through the airport by Dr. Victor Atallah, a Dominican cardiologist.  We boarded the bus and headed for the hospital complex on the Haitian border.  We are staying in the Radio Bible Hour house and the Ogle Foundation house, and felt earth tremors during the night.  Today we had breakfast at the hospital, and the medical people with us checked in and were asked to serve running one of the units on the night shift.  They will be working from 7PM until 7AM, and will need our prayers.  There are patients everywhere, even camping out in the yard because people are afraid of being inside buildings.


We went on to Port-au-Prince and the orphanage.  The children looked good, but were beginning to have some digestive problems.  We delivered two large water purifiers which will give them clean water.  Some of the men erected a large tarp to provide shade for the children and staff, since it is unsafe to be in the house.  The orphanage building has large cracks in the yard and the walls are very cracked and damaged so the building is dangerous.  Several of us entered the orphanage building and removed the children's records, while walking very carefully.


We got resources to John and the orphans, and tomorrow they are going to receive a load of food from a wonderful group called Children of  the Nations who work a lot in Africa. The miracle is that none of the orphans were injured, since the house directly across the street was totally destroyed and two were killed there.


We brought two injured ladies back to the hospital in Jimani to be treated for injuries. The medical people are doing wonderful work, and are serving in very difficult conditions.  Dorothy and Dale Betterton of International Medical Alliance have been working non-stop since the earthquake, and are exhausted, but doing amazing work.


Thanks again for all who have contributed to help send relief and help to these people. The situation in Port-au-Prince is hard to describe, with building after building flattened. It is hard to imagine what these people have been through.


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