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Friday, August 18, 2017
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Date: Topic: Scripture:
August 14
Present Rewards for Obedience
Part 5
Psalm 19:11
August 15
The Strong Saint
Part 1
Exodus 26:14-30
August 16
The Strong Saint
Part 2
Exodus 26:14-30
August 17
The Strong Saint
Part 3
Exodus 26:14-30
August 18 
The Strong Saint
Part 4
Exodus 26:14-30
August 19
Scholars in the School of Christ
Part 1
Acts 2:41-47
 August 20
Scholars in the School of Christ
Part 2
 Acts 2:41-47


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Gift List

With a financial donation to the Radio Bible Hour, you may choose to receive one of following gifts as our way of saying "Thanks." At this time we are not accepting on-line gift requests, but you can feel free to print this list off and mail it to the Radio Bible Hour with your enclosed contribution.  Please mail both to:
Radio Bible Hour, PO Box 99, Newport, TN 37822.

Gift List for August 2017:

( )  $ 10.00 – SERMON OF THE MONTH “The Formula for Victory” by Dr. J. Harold Smith. (CD353)  This special CD contains TWO dynamic messages Dr. Smith recorded in the mid-1990’s, using several passages from the book of Isaiah as his Scripture reference.  Although we are Christians, sometimes we may feel tired, weak, and unable to overcome the problems we face.  In these messages, Dr. Smith teaches us that failure is not necessary; successful Christian living is not only possible, it is what God still expects of us. 



( ) $  10.00 – A Message from our President, Dr. Don Smith:  “How to Live Without Worry” (CD412)  Many people suffer from the burden of worry and anxiety.  They know this is not what Christ wants, but feel powerless to stop.  In this message, Dr. Don discusses worrying and offers advice to help free us from this unnecessary burden.



( ) $  20.00 – DVD: Message:   “Satan’s Third Degree” and “Jesus Christ, the Only Answer.” (DVD919)  In the first message, “Satan’s Third Degree,” Dr. Smith examines the cases of Job, Moses, and other great Biblical men, and looks at how they received “the third degree” from Satan.  The expression, “the third degree” means a close examination and suggests a brutal ordeal.  Job certainly went through a nightmare when Satan destroyed everything he had.  Have you been experiencing “Satan’s Third Degree?”  Job lost everything he had with the exception of one thing, and that was his relationship with God.  When we are tested and tormented by Satan, we have a chance to demonstrate our real faith in God and Satan will be defeated.  In the second message on this DVD, “Jesus Christ, the Only Answer,” Dr. Smith used Acts 4:12, to explain how Jesus Christ is the only name given for the salvation of men.  One of the most damaging heresies of our day is the belief that there are many paths to God.  We are told by celebrities and even by some theologians that every religion is equally valid as a path to God, but this idea is not consistent with what Jesus Christ taught.  In this sermon, Dr. Smith underscores the urgency of preaching the uniqueness of Jesus.        
( )  $  5.00 - Book: “Abide in Christ” (ZZ8603) by Andrew Murray.  During Jesus’ life on earth, the word He most used when speaking of the relations of the disciples to Himself was, “Follow me.” (Matthew 4:19)  When about to leave for Heaven, He gave them new words, “Abide in me.” (John 15:4)

Listed below are some of Dr. J. Harold Smith’s sermon messages that haven’t been offered in several years.  These messages are on CD (compact disc) only; they are not available on cassette tapes.


r  $  10.00 – “The Living Book – The Bible”  (CD123


r         $  10.00 – “Earth’s Golden Age”   (CD147)


r         $  10.00 -  “Only a Bible and a Songbook” (CD174)


r         $  10.00 -  “The Anti-Christ in Prophecy”  (CD20)


r         $  10.00  -  “The City Foursquare” (CD26)


r         $  10.00  -  “Victory Over Worry”  (CD344)


r         $  10.00 -  “Facing a Crisis”  (CD373)


r         $  10.00  -  “The Answer by Fire”  (CD392)


r         $  10.00  -  “Open Windows in Heaven”  (CD560)


r         $  10.00  -  “The Misuse of Grace”  (CD68)


r         $  10.00  -  “God’s Greatest Forgetter”  (CD72)


r         $  10.00  -  “Amazing Grace”  (CD98)





r  $  25.00 – Any THREE (3) your choice of the above CD messages






r  $  50.00 – Any SIX (6) your choice of the above CD messages





r  $ 100.00 – All TWELVE (12) your choice of the above CD messages

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