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Tuesday, June 27, 2017
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Broadcasting This Week on the Radio Bible Hour:

Date: Topic: Scripture:
June 26
Great Beholds of Christ
Luke 2:10
June 27
Confession of Sin
Leviticus 5:1-5
June 28
Soul Set On Fire
Jeremiah 20:9
June 29
Personal Salvation
(Part 1)
Luke 15:11-24
June 30
Personal Salvation
(Part 2)
Luke 15:11-24
July 1
Our Debt to God
(Part 1)
Luke 16:1
July 2
Our Debt to God
(Part 2)
Luke 16:1


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Gift List

With a financial donation to the Radio Bible Hour, you may choose to receive one of following gifts as our way of saying "Thanks." At this time we are not accepting on-line gift requests, but you can feel free to print this list off and mail it to the Radio Bible Hour with your enclosed contribution.  Please mail both to:
Radio Bible Hour, PO Box 99, Newport, TN 37822.

Gift List for June 2017:

( )  $ 10.00 – SERMON OF THE MONTH:  “The Directed Life” by Dr. J. Harold Smith.  Using Isaiah 30:21, Dr. Smith tells us that all people need to follow the eight little words, “This is the way, walk ye in it.”  No one is capable of directing his own life, therefore the Lord gave us the third person of the Trinity to direct us, lead us, show us, and guide us.  We firmly belief this is a message everyone needs to hear.  Available on cassette tape or compact disc.


r CS259 (cassette tape)    r CD259 (compact disc)



( ) $  10.00 – A Message from our President, Dr. Don Smith:  “Memories of My Dad” (CD-D0506)  In this message, Don talks about his Dad’s walk with the Lord, his system for daily Bible reading, what he like to do when not preaching, his family life, and his likes and dislikes.  As you listen to this message, you will journey down memory lane with Don as he shares his precious memories of his Dad and our Founder, J. Harold Smith.


  CS-D0506 (cassette tape)         CD-D0506 (compact disc)


( ) $  20.00 – DVD: Message: “The Man (or Woman) God Can Use” and “When God Departs” by Dr. J. Harold Smith (DVD908)  In Dr. Smith’s first message on this new DVD he brings us a message entitled “The Man (or Woman) God Can Use,” where he looks at the characteristics of a man or woman God can use and also looks at the things which keeps God from using us.  Although we may say we are too old, or cannot speak well, or are to shy, God can use you, if you will just let Him.  In Dr. Smith’s second message, When God Departs,” he uses Samson to bring a message on losing the joy of our salvation.  Samson became a legend among his people for his strength and courage, but he fell into the sickness of lust and was brought into bondage; he no longer walked with the Lord.  Today many people who once knew what it was like to walk with Lord and lived their lives for God, have become enslaved by lust, greed, addictions, pride or ego.  When God departs, there will be no more peace and no more joy, until we are restored to a right relationship with Him.  These two wonderful messages will truly be a blessing to you, and help you in your walk with our Lord.                                    
( )  $  15.00 – Bible:  “Gift and Award KJV Bible” (5156)  This month we are pleased to offer you the “KJV Gift & Award Bible.”  This Bible contains both the Old and New Testaments, the words of Christ in red, a dictionary/concordance section, full-color maps, a presentation page, and so much more.  This will be the perfect gift for your child, grandchild, or young person in your church and Sunday school.
(  )  $ 20.00 – Book: “Where’d That Come From?! (Everyday Expressions Found in the Bible)” (ZZ95)  The English language is filled with popular sayings and expressions, and a surprising number of them are found in the King James Version of the Bible.  We’ve all used the saying, “at their wits’ end” (read Psalm 107:17-28) or “safe and sound” (Luke 15:27) or maybe, “dead men tell no lies.” (Ecclesiastes 9:5)  In this book you will find over 500 of these phrases that come from the KJV Bible.  Each phrase or expression is listed in the Scripture where it is found, and each expression’s meaning is explained.  We believe you will really enjoy reading “Where’d That Come From?!” and sharing it with family and friends.                                     


( )   $ 50.00 – Bible: “The KJV Thin Line Bible”  (459) Although small in size (9 x 6 inches) This Bible features the words of Christ in red, gilded page edges, and a ribbon marker, plus headings throughout to assist you in following the Bible story.  A section of “helps” provides a dictionary/concordance, summaries for all 66 books. Time lines, and more.  This Bible comes with a black bonded-leather binding and is just the right size for Bible study and Sunday School.


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