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Monday, February 20, 2017
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Date: Topic: Scripture:
February 13
Part 2
John 16:1-11
February 14
Wrong Views of the Second Coming - Part 1
I Thessalonians 4:13-17
February 15
Wrong Views of the Second Coming - Part 2
I Thessalonians 4:13-17
February 16
What the Lord Requires
Micah 6:8
February 17
Witness Within the Heart
I John 5:10
February 18
A Workman of the Lord
II Timothy 2:1-15
February 19
Some Effects of Sin
Genesis 3:1-7


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Gift List

With a financial donation to the Radio Bible Hour, you may choose to receive one of following gifts as our way of saying "Thanks." At this time we are not accepting on-line gift requests, but you can feel free to print this list off and mail it to the Radio Bible Hour with your enclosed contribution.  Please mail both to:
Radio Bible Hour, PO Box 99, Newport, TN 37822.

Gift List for January 2017:

( )  $ 10.00 – SERMON OF THE MONTH:  “What We Need to Know About Demons” by Dr. J. Harold Smith.  The subject of demons is not one that many Christians care to discuss, but it’s one of the most important topics which needs to be examined.   In this message, first recorded in May 1995, Dr. Smith helps us understand demons; what they are, what they know, where they dwell, and how to recognize them.


r CD570 (compact disc)       r CS570 (cassette tape)  



( )  $  20.00 – DVD:  “The Fear of God” and “Who Is Jesus Christ?” by Dr. J. Harold Smith  (SR-DVD902) In the first message “The Fear of God,” Dr. Smith begins with the account of the deliverance of the people of God from bondage in Egypt, and then looks at the absence of fear of God in our present day.  Without the fear of God, one cannot really come to repentance, and cannot understand who God really is.  The Bible tells us that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom, so those who have no fear of God, have not even begun to have wisdom.  In the second message, “Who Is Jesus Christ?” Dr. Smith teaches us that some today want to claim that Jesus Christ was a great man and a great teacher. Others deny His divinity and want to even question whether He existed. The important question is what you think.  Jesus said, “Who say you that I am?”   Every person confronted with the Gospel must answer that question.  Jesus Himself said He was the Son of God.   Who is Jesus Christ?  How we answer this question can mean the difference between being saved or lost. 



( )  $  10.00 - From Our President:  “Christians in Stress” by Dr. Don Smith.  We certainly are living in stressful times right now, so in this message Don teaches us that stress in normal, but we must learn to recognize it and then learn how to properly handle it.  Don also tells us that we must learn to recognize the negative aspects that stress causes, and then learn to solutions to properly deal with each stress situation.  This is truly a message every Christian needs to hear.  Available on cassette tape or CD, please check the appropriate box below to tell us which one you desire.


 r  CD402 (compact Disc)      r  CD402 (cassette tape)


( )  $  15.00 – NEW:  2015 Radio Bible Hour Calendar (SR-CAL17)  This 14-month calendar (December 2016 through January 2018) measures 10 x 7 inches.  This calendar comes in a tan and brown leatherette cover with gold letter embossing.  Special features include a 2-page address section, a special section for birthdays and anniversaries, a place on every month’s page for your “Things to Remember,” and two pages in the back of the calendar for making personal notes.  Inside the cover (front and back) there is a special little pocket for storing receipts, notes, or other papers you need to keep handy


( )    $  5.00 – BOOK:  “Fast Your Way to Health” by Dr. J. Harold Smith.  (ZZ400)  Fasting was a practice Dr. Smith practiced most of his adult life.  This book is one of Dr. Smith’s most requested books, and many people use the guidelines put forth in this book to include the practice of fasting in their lives.  In this book, Dr. Smith discusses the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits that come to those who fast as the Bible describes.       


( )  $  10.00 – BOOK:  “Bible Prophecy Handbook” (ZZ874) by Carol Smith.  This is a careful study of the Bible’s prophetic passages, offering fascinating insights into each one.  From the Old Testament books of Daniel and Ezekiel, to the New Testament’s Revelation, the Bible teaches us many things about Christ’s return.  Although we will never know the date of Christ’s return, this little book can help you understand more about this great and upcoming time.
(  )   $  10.00 – BOOK:  “The Pilgrim’s Progress” by John Bunyan (ZZ535)  This book, written over 300 years ago, is one of the most translated, printed, and read books in the world.  In this timeless book, you will follow the story of Christian, the Pilgrim, as he makes his way to Celestial City.  Along the way, you’ll meet some of the most memorable characters in literature; Evangelist, Charity, Hypocrisy, Goodwill, Obstinate, Mr. Worldly Wiseman, and more; each one offering a unique insight on the Christian life.  If its been a while since you read “The Pilgrim’s Progress,” we’re certain you will enjoy reading this newly abridged and updated edition              


( )  $  25.00 – BOOK:  “Praying That Receives Answers”  (ZZ632)  ” by E. M. Bounds.  Prayer connects us to God.   Without prayer, we lack His guidance and His power in our lives.  We become ineffective and unproductive children of Christ.  Widely known as a pastor and author, E. M. Bounds was recognized for his deep research of living a life of prayer.  He knew prayer was our strongest link to God, and spent much of his life reading, studying, and writing about prayer and teaching other about what prayer could do in their lives.


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