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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Broadcasting This Week on the Radio Bible Hour:

Date: Topic: Scripture:
May 15
A Wonderful Sister
Part 2
Numbers 12:1-4
May 16
A Wonderful
Part 3
May 17
A Wonderful
Part 4
Numbers 12:1-4
May 18
A Wonderful
Part 5
May 19
The Unfettered Word
II Timothy 2:8-10
May 20
The Choice
of Moses
Hebrews 11:24
May 21
Why Cry Unto the Lord?
Exodus 14:13-16


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Gift List

With a financial donation to the Radio Bible Hour, you may choose to receive one of following gifts as our way of saying "Thanks." At this time we are not accepting on-line gift requests, but you can feel free to print this list off and mail it to the Radio Bible Hour with your enclosed contribution.  Please mail both to:
Radio Bible Hour, PO Box 99, Newport, TN 37822.

Gift List for May 2017:

( )  $ 10.00 – SERMON OF THE MONTH:  “Notable Women of the Bible” by Dr. J. Harold Smith.  This month, we are pleased to offer you a sermon Dr. Smith preached several years ago for a special Mother’s Day radio program.  In this message, Dr. Smith teaches us about several notable women in the Bible, and tells of some of the wonderful women he knew in his lifetime.  We know your heart will be blessed as you listen to this message in celebration of Mother’s day.  

r CD 576 (compact disc)       r CS576 (cassette tape) 


( ) $  10.00 – A Message from our President, Dr. Don Smith:  “A Parent’s Worst Fear.”  Like the father of the prodigal son, we may fear that our children will leave, fall into wickedness and have disaster in their lives.  Many people today are dealing with children who reject God, and who choose to go their own way.  In this message, Don helps us understand how we can handle this challenge as Christian parents.


                                                           ( )  CS408 (Cassette tape)                  ( ) CD408 (Compact disc)

( ) $  20.00 – DVD: Message:  “Is Heaven Real?” and “Let Me Alone” by Dr. J. Harold Smith (DVD901)  Originally recorded at WGGS-TV, Channel 16 in Greenville, South Carolina, this month we are pleased to offer you one of Dr. Smith’s most requested video sermons.  In “Is Heaven Real.”  Dr. Smith describes the Biblical picture of Heaven, and explains why he believes in the literal reality of Heaven.  This inspiring sermon makes clear the promise of God, and why Christians need to be strong in their faith.  The second message on this DVD is entitled, “Let Me Alone,” and teaches the dangers of putting off accepting Christ as your Saviour NOW.  Dr. Smith makes clear that the time for accepting Christ is not unlimited, and at some point, God may say, “Let him alone,” if you refuse to accept His salvation.  
( )  $   5.00 – “God’s Way to Victory” by Dr. J. Harold Smith (ZZ700)  God never intended for His children and His church to live a defeated life.  In this book, Dr. Smith teaches us “How to Start Your Life Over,” “the Formula for Success,” “Things that Hinder Prayer,” “The Meaning of Christian Fellowship,” and so much more                                               

( )  $ 15.00 – Special Package for Mother’s Day.  Book: “A Collection of Love Gifts” by Helen Steiner Rice (ZZ962), Recipe Cards (SR-RC01) and List Pad (SR-LP31)  The pack of 4 x 6 inch 50 charming Recipe Cards give you several lines at the top of the card to list the name of the recipe, a “from the kitchen of” space, and plenty of room to write out the ingredients of a favorite recipe to share with others.  The magnetic List Pad (approximately 3 x 9 inches) contains 50 sheets of lined paper so you can make a grocery list to go with the recipe card, or just keep it handy in your kitchen.  We’re sure you will like the cheerful design and bright colors of these two items.  Also included in this package is Helen Steiner Rice’s book of beautiful and encouraging poems entitled, “A Collection of Love Gifts,” which we are sure will be a blessing to all women.


( )   $ 25.00 – BOOK:  “If God is Everywhere, Why Can’t I Find Him?” (ZZ129)  This book offers a no-nonsense approach to continued spiritual growth by showing you how God is present and involved in every aspect of our busy day, whether it is in the laundry room or the doctor’s office.  By recalling seven basic Biblical truths about God, such as finding God in Weariness or finding God in our Battles, we can better recognize Him wherever we are, and whatever we are doing.

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