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Wednesday, April 26, 2017
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Date: Topic: Scripture:
April 24
Without the True God
Part 2
II Chronicles 15:1-4
April 25
Benefits of Knowing God Part 1
Job 22:21
April 26
Benefits of Knowing God
Part 2
Job 22:21
April 27
Benefits of Knowing God
Part 3
Job 22:21
April 28
Benefits of Knowing God
Part 4
Job 22:21
April 29
Caleb, A Whole-Hearted Follower
Part 1
Numbers 14:22-24
April 30
Caleb, A Whole-Hearted
Part 2


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With a financial donation to the Radio Bible Hour, you may choose to receive one of following gifts as our way of saying "Thanks." At this time we are not accepting on-line gift requests, but you can feel free to print this list off and mail it to the Radio Bible Hour with your enclosed contribution.  Please mail both to:
Radio Bible Hour, PO Box 99, Newport, TN 37822.

Gift List for April 2017:

( )  $ 15.00 – SERMON OF THE MONTH:  “The Wondrous Cross” by Dr. J. Harold Smith.  Christ became obedient unto the death of the cross.  In this message Dr. Smith teaches us the message of the reproach of the cross, and then using the Scriptures found in John 12:30-32, Dr. Smith explains the contrast of Jesus’ death on the cross to its becoming a wondrous cross.

r CD 112 (compact disc)       r CS112 (cassette tape) 


( ) $  20.00 – DVD: “Sower of Tares”  & “Watching Jesus Die” by Dr. J. Harold Smith (DVD927).  In the first message, “Sower of Tares” Dr. Smith bases this message on the parable that Jesus told regarding the farmer who sowed wheat (Matthew 13:24-30), but at night an enemy came and sowed bad seed, perhaps weeds, or tares in among the wheat.  When the crops sprouted there was nothing the farmer could do, because if he had uprooted the weeds or tares, it would have also uprooted the wheat.  Dr. Smith describes this as a frightening story, because it shows how our enemy, Satan, is working among the Christians.  Even in our churches there is good and bad seed growing.  But there will come a day when the wheat will be separated from the bad seed. 

   In the second message on this DVD, Dr. Smith brings us a message entitled, “Watching Jesus Die.”   The short verse, Matthew 27:36, is the inspiration for this sermon.  Dr. Smith discusses the crowd that had gathered to watch the crucifixion of Jesus.   He finds that there were both the friends and enemies of the Lord gathered there. There were some who understood better than others, but none of them could really understand what they were seeing, and what it meant.  Dying that day on the cross, the history of mankind was changed forever. God was making a way to finally defeat death and sin.  In this sermon, Dr. Smith encourages all of us to look at the cross, and to ponder what it means for our own lives.  Most  people at the cross that day, did not know that they were watching a Sinless man die.  They did not know He was the Son of God.  They did not know He was the Saviour of the World.  When we see the cross, do we see those things:  the perfect sinless, Son of God, and the Saviour of all who believe?   Do you know Him?  Is He your Saviour?  Look at the cross today, and accept the gift of grace that was given to you on that day.  You will not regret choosing to follow Him.

( )  $  10.00 - From Our President:   Easter Message – “Starting Over: Easter Everyday” (CD-D0503) by Dr. J. Donald Smith.  Throughout our lives we must deal with endings.  Everything begins, and every earthly thing will end.  In our lives, we experience loss.  We lose jobs, relationships, and sometimes those people we love the most.  How are Christians able to cope with these losses?  The Christian faith begins, not with the death of Jesus on the cross, but with His Resurrection.  He paid the debt we owed on Calvary, but He gave us the hope which marks the Christian faith at the Resurrection.  This message is available on cassette tape (CS) or compact disc (CD)

r CD-D0503 (compact Disc)      r  CS-D0503 (cassette tape)


( )  $  10.00 – BOOK:  “Love – A Holy Command” by Dr. Oswald Chambers (ZZ586).  When Jesus was asked about the greatest commandment, He summarized it with a single word:  LOVE.  Then He stated the priorities of love:  Love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself.  How do you obey this command?  In this Dr. Chambers will inspire and challenge you with his simple and direct Biblical wisdom and help you understand God’s great love for you.  This is a wonderful little hard-back book that you will enjoy reading and sharing. 


( )   $ 25.00 – “Key Words of the Christian Life” by Warren Wiersbe (ZZ17)  In this book, each chapter focuses on a New Testament word or phrase that has important meaning for your life and faith.  Respected author, Warren Wiersbe, gives easy to understand theological explanations for each word, and then gives a practical application for the word.  Not only will this book be a very valuable resource in your personal Bible study, but will also help you in your witnessing to others.  

( ) $  50.00 – “Exploring Acts” by John Phillips (ZZ8254)  The Book of Acts is the inspired history book of the church.  It is a book of transition; it begins by showing us how the church came into existence on the day of Pentecost.  It is the story of the personalities and ministries of Simon, Stephen, and Saul.  This wonderfully written book is designed to give you a comprehensive and usable outline of the Book of Acts, and carefully brings to light many misunderstood references regarding the baptism of the Spirit, miracles, healings, and much more.



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