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Tuesday, May 30, 2017
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Date: Topic: Scripture:
May 15
A Wonderful Sister
Part 2
Numbers 12:1-4
May 16
A Wonderful
Part 3
May 17
A Wonderful
Part 4
Numbers 12:1-4
May 18
A Wonderful
Part 5
May 19
The Unfettered Word
II Timothy 2:8-10
May 20
The Choice
of Moses
Hebrews 11:24
May 21
Why Cry Unto the Lord?
Exodus 14:13-16


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From Our Founder


 From Our Founder...J. Harold Smith:

  Smith Sayings:  

      ·         Death and taxes are inevitable, but there is one thing you’ve got to say in favor of death….it doesn’t get worse every time                Congress meets!

·         The purpose of our past is to give us confidence for tomorrow.

·         The same boiling water that softens the carrot hardens the egg!

·         Experience is something you get too late to do anything about the expense you had while acquiring it.

·         Ulcers are what you get from mountain climbing over molehills.

·         If Heaven and Hell are in opposite directions (and they are) then no man can go both ways at the same time.

·         A person who follows the crowd can never be a leader.

·         Either you serve God and use money, or you serve money and try to use God.

·         The Holy Bible teaches us the best way of living, the noblest way of suffering, and the most comfortable way of dying.

·         Never expect harmony where no one is willing to play second fiddle.

·         Some human brains are like freight cars; endowed with a certain capacity, but too often running empty!




Washington’s Mother




     George Washington, the Father of our beloved country, will ever be remembered for his noble, unflinching character, his love for his country, and his deep affection and respect for his mother.  Every school boy knows of the truthfulness of the story about George Washington and the cherry tree, and his example is still revered, even to the present day.


    Before entering upon his duties as President of the United States, he went to bid his aged mother an affectionate farewell, saying, “So soon as the public business can be disposed of, I shall return to Virginia, and……,’ but he could go no further.  The Father of our country broke down and wept at his mother’s bedside.


   But his mother, with a resolute will, replied to her son’s unfinished sentence, “You will see me no more.  My great age and the disease that is rapidly approaching my vitals, warm me that I am not long for this world.”  Then she continued, “Go, George, fulfill thy high destiny which Heaven appears to assign to you.  Go, my son, and may Heaven’s and your mother’s blessings be with you always.”


    During His eight years in the Presidency, he never forgot those last words of his mother, and wrote them down for everyone to read.  (YGN/May 1956)



                                                                                                                                               ~~YGN – September 1951